• During three years I lived in a 15m2 apartment at 641 Post street, San Francisco, CA 94109, I wrote hundreds of poems that express my status who is far from homeland, in a country and culture being an alien. Constantly, I was torn apart by new experience and memories from the past, and compressed by the narrow space and the wish inside to expand.

    Meanwhile, poetry and photography are two of the most important genres of mine. Both of them preserve traces of lives, how we see, how we think and feel. They are symbols, fragments and extractions, sublimated from specific events to general understandings. The poetries I wrote are the earnest side of me: my imagination, desire, and hatred; my sadness, darkness, and weakness. Through the modification and installation to the place where I live and write, I want to objectify my mental histories and stories; then expose them to public by photographs in a distanced, exaggerated but honest way; and bring the viewers not to the actual site, but to a place where can only exist in my mind.