• Truth is not tangible. I am interested in things exist in forms we can sense but can not name, breathing under the surface of physical world. Through ritual practice, installation, and performance, the interventions I did (to the landscape, my own body or interior space) represent my understandings, emotions and philosophical thinkings of the physical beings. I wish to transform my spiritual self in particular space and time to actual existence and images. Thus, I can picture things are invisible and unspoken, and communicate them with others visually and mentally.

    Being in nature, facing the majestic landscape, I find myself overwhelmed and drove to offer my worship. I had tried different religions and rituals to define this impulse but failed. It’s something much deeper, much more primitive; far before religions or culture emerged, or even human being existed. It’s an intuition of animals, awed by the land that makes them live and die, suffered and survived, prosper and extinct. It’s impossible for me to borrow others’ creation to frame my offerings. Because I am out there, alone, I want to talk to nature directly, with my own language, as what people did tens of thousands of years ago.