• The project will force on the availability and unavailability of the image language. Image is one of the important languages among different cultures since long ago. Today, we see still or motion images everywhere. It means that the width, strength and speed of communication of the image language are evenly matched with the word language. Especially, it has a unique way to deliver some direct information. More and more people choose to shape their mind via image language, to understand and comprehend information by vision, or vision in their head.

    However, if we define image as a language, it will have unavailability as any other language. Among the endless information of the physical world, there will be some that is limited or unable to be rephrased or represented. I will discuss the availability and unavailability of image language from five directions, the beginner of the language, the receiver, the interfere during communication process, the difference of individual and public, and the abstraction.

    Then, I will use difference form and medium of art to represent the discussion to exhibit.